If you have already started exercising to get your body into shape, you should think about adding a dietary supplement to your meals.

Supplements boost your energy as well your performance in a gym and they are not made synthetically; they actually consist of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutritive ingredients. These ingredients are crucial if you want to fasten your metabolism in order to shed some fat and become slim. Here are our top 7 dietary supplements.

1. Chitosan

This polysaccharide has many usages. As a dietary supplement, it is used in treatments for obesity and overweight. It reduces your appetite, your cholesterol level, blocks the fat cells absorption and prevents food cravings.

2. Garcinia Cambogia

Hydroxycitric acid comes from a tropical plant named garcinia cambogia. The effects of the garcinia derivate are: increased metabolism rate, reduced appetite and lowered fat absorption. It also helps you feel full and enhances your workout performance.

3. Caffeine

Many doctors recommend taking caffeine since it lowers the risk of cancer. It can be found in coffee and green tea. If you do not like drinking these two beverages, you may consider buying the caffeine as a dietary supplement. It breaks down fat cells, which leads to burning more calories daily as well to losing more weight.

4. Vitamin D

By balancing the insulin level in your body, vitamin D aids in weight loss. Since insulin regulates the storage of body fat, by keeping it in balance, you won’t gain more weight, you will only lose it.

5. Chromium

Many athletes love this mineral. It can be found in corn, bread, eggs etc. It is highly beneficial to a body since it reduces your cravings for food and affects your appetite by reducing it. In addition, it converts blood sugar into fat burning energy.

6. Whey Protein

Many people that exercise daily say that proteins are their favorite supplements. The whey protein minimizes your need for food, so you will most likely lose weight if you drink it. Since this protein boosts your testosterone, it will help you in building more muscle mass.

Note: You will see a mild increase in muscle mass by using whey protein. To increase your muscle mass much more, you should go for the best testosterone pills on the market (can be found at  which can boost your testosterone levels to peaks.

7. Green Tea Extract

The extract of the green tea works by stimulating and boosting your metabolism. The tea is also beneficial to people that train; it improves their performance, burns calories faster (during exercise) and boosts their energy.

Most of the supplements affect your appetite and are an addition to your workouts. If you are not physically active, you cannot expect great body results.

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